Wednesday, March 21, 2012


AUG Needs YOU! Call for Volunteers!
ME ???

Yes, YOU!!!

Why do you need me for?

AUG Brisbane will be having an education and migration fair at end of April/early May 2012. 
To make it a success, we will need as many enthusiastic and capable helpers as possible!

Why should I help? 
• Gain valuable work experience
• Opportunity to build network- You might meet your future employer...
• Opportunity to practice skills learnt from University & School
• Build confidence by working with and mentoring other people!
• Also, think about the satisfaction that you will get after successfully helping out at the event!

What else will I get?
- A certificate of participation*
- A reference letter*
- FREE Meals (lunch and/or dinner)*

Ok, so what do I need?
SINCERE HEART to help others is a must!

Great! So how do I apply?
Simply e-mail your CV/resume to 
Application closing date: 9th March 2012 so hurry!!

*conditions apply