UQMSA Committee Profile
Saachi Asok Kumar
Hi everyone! I've just graduated from UQ's Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) Program and will be pursuing a Masters in Business this year. I've been in Brisbane a year and a half now and I'm absolutely lovin' it! :D. I was on the previous UQMSA committee, and its been great meeting so many new friends through UQMSA and all the activities we've organised. I'm looking forward to working together with this awesome new committee to both continue doing what we've been great at and to build on that success to grow the club even more. I'm looking forward to a great year ahead. We'll be having many awesome activities, so I'll hope to see all of you around =)!

Vice President
Nur Eliyana Muhammad
Hello people!
Welcome to UQMSA! I am Eliyana (or Nana), currently studying Bachelor of Business Management majoring in International Business and Human Resource. Lets see...about me, i love music and i love movies!! I enjoy treats a lot especially chocolates and lollies. My dream is to be a few more centimeters taller, grow vertically rather than horizontally, but yeah unfortunately its never gonna come true. Anyway you'll love it here. Its an amazing place an UQ is a great place to study. Do come and join our activities and get to know UQMSA more! If you see me around, do say hi. I enjoy meeting new people so if you spot me somewhere come over and talk  to me =) We look forward in meeting all of you  and if you need help in anything, just let us know. We'll be more than happy to assist you in any way that we can. And on behalf of UQMSA, we look forward in seeing YOU soon!

Zhi Rou Tang (Angelina)
A quiet girl who is in fact a lame chatterbox in front of her friends. A tough and steady only-daughter who is feeble, sometimes. A risk averse person who would rather stay-put than to risk. A workaholic who is interested in everything and believes that nothing is unachievable. A planner with a teaching soul who wishes to design her own home, and a town if possible. A perfectionist who always works for the best but her perfectionism is her greatest failure ever. A december baby who loves her birthday but dislikes birthday songs. Never tell this lassie that music and arts are bullshits, or she will feed the brave a million cupcakes.

Rou Shian Phua

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Brisbane and UQMSA! I'm Rou Shian (or you can call me lotion). I am currently pursuing my Master in Commerce focusing on Information systems and Electronic Commerce. Prior to this, I did my Accounting degree in UQ too. I like Music, and enjoy myself playing in a band and so i am the member of UQ big band as well. A typical girl who loves food but scare of gaining weights.A typical treasurer who like to spend but afraid of over budget. A typical girl from Malaysia who loves to meet new people and there is not but! You can always approach me for help or any problem. Hope everyone have a great time in Australia! Thanks, WE hope to see you around!

Social Convener
Izziara Md Yusoff
Hiiiiiii everyone, Izzie here. Currently in my 2nd year, studying Bachelor of Commerce. INLOVEWITH dancing-goodfood-baking-horrormovies-choc-icecream-beaches-beingrandom. I would like to offer a warm welcome to all new members of UQMSA. Please do seek for us for ANYTHING (excluding financial probs, heee! :D) as it is our pleasure to help you settle down in Brisbane. As for the returning members, thank you for your support and really hope you guys will continue participating in all of our upcoming activities this year! Have a nice day people! :)
Social Convener
Jocinda Jia Heng Wong
Hey all UQMSA members! Singing is my forte. Planning to have a karaoke night at Fortitude Valley? Don't call me out if you wish to have your own mic. But I'm sure I will add more fun to your night with my unique performance HAHA! Don't believe it?! Ask the committee members. =P Hopefully you guys will enjoy all the upcoming UQMSA activities! Study smart, not hard okay?!

IT Convener
Fazrul Ikraam Mohd Faudzi
Hi guys, i am the only engineering student in the committee.I am pursuing my degree in Chemical Engineering. I like to take pictures and i am the photographer for UQMSA. I love baking and travelling, and of course you'll find me at any festivals around Brisbane. By the way, hope that you guys will enjoy all of the activities that will be organized by us. And dont forget to pose for the camera. Say cheese!!!

Education Convener
Tan Han Shen
Hi guys, nice to meet you all. I am a simple guy who wishes to see that the world is a more caring and loving place.  As a law student, I believe that justice and equality is not an utopian dream, but an attainable aim.  Mahatma Ghandi once said that : “ we have to be the change we need to see in this world.” I believe that only through lifelong learning and a passion for knowledge that we can ultimately attain perfection of character. 
My passion for learning, knowledge and social justice is the reason why I am elected as your new education convener. Hopefully we can grow together emotionally ,spiritually and mentally in this wonderful year of 2012. Nonetheless, on the flip side of the serious self, I am mischievous, humorous and funny in my own way….just ask other committee to know more of my pranks…hahaha.. Ultimately, life is but a game, sometimes we need to play it seriously, sometimes playfully….hope we have a wonderful year together…cheers!!!

Education Convener
Ju Ian Liew
Politically incorrect, socially awkward and thinks in internet memes. His friendly, approachable front is a mask for his lack of social skills.

Sponsorship Coordinator
Chia Chiun Ko (Alex)
Hello everybody!!!

My name is Ko Chia Chiun; but for easy recognition, “Alex” will do the job as well if you are looking for me… I’m currently in my 3rd year Bachelor of Economics at UQ. I enjoy travelling around for sight-seeing or looking for fun stuffs to do! Besides, I love to eat and I can eat a lot although I don’t look like one who can eat much…XD Hereby, I would like to express a warm welcome to everyone who joins UQMSA. Hope that all of you would enjoy the activities organized by the committees and have fun in Brisbane.

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